A woman, with a new surname – Klettke. Wife. Married. Writer / blogger.



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  1. hi my fiance and i have lodged a pmv on 6 dec 2016 and he is in the process of doing his medical xray cause immigration werent satisfied with his xray…and the specialist so he had to do a blood test for tb which he has never had …my partner has also applied for a tourist visa from 6 weeks ago (22 march) for 3 months and have requested a 501 medical with a different hap id to our PMV…(very confussing) we are waiting for blood results in a couple of days and hopefully have final and good results…my question is can you have 2 hap id…immigration said yes and bupa medical said to combine them…not sure what to do…i cant understand why tourist visa decision is taking so long…my partner is canadian….sigh…thanks polly

    1. ahhh ok so since nauna na magsubmit kayo ng PMV at nakapagpamedical na sya, nakita nila un sa Tourist application at pinakukuha ulit sya ng medical. ilang months ba application nyo ng tourist? kapag 3months kasi walang medical

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