How to survive in Oz

It’s like “Survivor” reality show.

It’s a continent and a country at the same time.


Well the first sentence was an exaggeration. Australia is a big country, with 7,617,930 square kilometres of landmass compared to Philippines which is 300,000 square kilometres. It is 25 times bigger than the three major islands of the Philippines. I’ll share a few things I’ve learned and discovered in the land down under.

I’ve been in Queensland for a year and have experienced the four seasons already. Unlike Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania where you get snow during winter, Sunshine state – as it’s popularly called doesn’t get one. Being used to only two seasons, it was the first thing I got myself struggling with for a few months. Summer starts from December to February and boy it does get really hot, scorching hot. It different in the Philippines where it’s “maalinsangan”, it feels more like the sun is so near that when you get out during these days, it burns the skin. Temperature can get up to 36 deg.Celsius up to 40 deg.Celsius during the day. Then by March to May, Autumn comes which is a prelude to winter. I enjoy this time of the year as leaves turn to bright orange like sunset color ’til they fall off the ground. It’s lovely walking and biking around, during this time. After that, you might want to get ready for a fridge like temperature. Well, it’s not that bad really, you just need to be ready for changes every day or every couple of days. It could be a good winter chill then the next day it could be a terrible temperature. As a Pinay, I am not used to checking the weather daily. I think it’s helpful to do that when you will be in Oz for the rest of your life. I still need to do regularly by the way and I need to remind myself of doing it all the time. Spring is great, the word itself need not a whole description. You just enjoy ’til you get the next season 🙂

Apart for the four seasons, it is a country where people use their own car anywhere they go if they can. In the city I live in, people rarely use public transport. It might be different on the bigger cities or business areas like Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney. Some cities have a lot of buses and trains that are available. It’s a lot less crowded and minimal traffic congestion than Manila. Public transports have schedules so you need to look at the timetable and get there on time to catch a ride. It will be good to learn how to drive. But before you can do that you need to get familiar with the road rules. They have different rules and you need to pass an exam about the road rules before you can get your learners. After getting your learners you need to go to through Provisional Licence before your real driver’s license.

Are fond of street food?

Sorry to say the Australia is strict with their food safety regulations. It’s unlikely that you’ll find a  stall  selling your favourite grilled barbecue or kikiam. You need to go to a shop like 7-eleven or a fast food chain to grab a quick bite. Speaking of food, there’s a lot of restaurants in Australia that offers different kinds of cuisine, Indian, Mediterranean, Chinese, Thai, American you name it, they have it. You’ll never go hungry. It also has it’s own original Aussie food like meat pies, it’s a pie the size of your palm with  minced beef, mushroom, cheese, onion and gravy. Pavlova a meringue, soft and light on the inside topped with cream and fruits like strawberries and kiwi. Australia’s famous barbecue – lamb, pork and sausages grilled on a huge oven like bbq oven. This country also has a number of delicious chocolates – Tim Tam, Cadbury, Pods..yummy


Australia has a lot of beautiful sights, parks, gardens, animals, beaches and zoo. There are countless of activities and places to visit. They have the iconic Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach, Uluru, Alice Springs, Great Barrier Reef, Great Ocean Road and many more. There’s always something to do and somewhere to go to in one state or territory.

Now let’s go to Aussie slangs.

Have you heard of this? Yes, like any other language they also have their own way of communicating effectively with their mates. Check this link to get a view of what I’m talking about:   Aussie slangs.

  Don’t worry you’ll learn in time, on your own pace.

For someone who is travelling or about to spend the rest of their lives in a different country it’s about right to learn or read about all these things for easy transition. Being on a different country is great however you need to be flexible enough to know the country, culture and the people. You might be used to slurping your drink where you came from while it’s considered rude in Australia , these things can be avoided with a little effort to know the country you want to visit, travel to or migrating to.

    A little research and you’ll go a long way 🙂

Cheers to finding your way to survive in the Land Down Under!








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