My relationship with Australia

I think I might start to write something about how my journey began…I don’t know how to call it but looking back, I felt like it was all connected. Everything just fits in together…why I ended up here in Australia.

It was 2010 or 2011 when I started searching for pursuing another course in college – I’ve always wanted to contribute to my country and to my fellow Filipinos hence my eagerness to be a part of the education system in the Philippines. This desire was due to my experience of what school is like in my country – I was lucky enough to have been able to finish my first course through a scholarship grant and it was not an easy journey. Have I not succeeded in passing the exam, it will be a real struggle to get funds to continue studying in a university. I wanted education to be accessible to those who want it.

I was on vacation and spending Christmas holidays in the province when I started searching for scholarships, online education, schools that offer night classes etc. I was determined to finish a degree in education, work for the government – in the education field then get a scholarship from Australia. I saw in one of my research that Australia gives scholarship to those who want to pursue higher education, as long as the scholar will work for the government in his own country in the chosen field of study eg. education. So since then Australia has been on my diary, list and plans.

But it didn’t stop there. Before having that long term goal of getting a scholarship from AusAid, I have been working in a BPO since 2009, my first account was on a graveyard shift. It was a blessing in disguise that after 2 months, the account was closed and we were advised by the company that we will be transferred to a different account. I didn’t have any idea what will happen next. We were asked to take an exam about computers, modem, etc. then that was it. I didn’t have a job for a week. Then after that I received  a call from HR that I will start on a new account – Bigpond Technical Support .

That’s  a bit of how I started getting to know Australia.


2 thoughts on “My relationship with Australia

  1. Hi camestrada…i am marie just want to ask for your help and some tips what should i do my boyfriend and i wanted to apply for my tourist visa again but im have second thoughts of filing it again because i had been refused before.the reason they stated is that because im unemployed and i dont have significant ties to go back to my home country.what should we do.we do not want to lie about my employment status because the reason why i resign from work is that my dad has been hospitalized and no one will look after him that’s why i decided to resign.what you think is the best thing that we can do to prove that my intention is genuine and that is just to visit and meet my future in laws.and what other documents we need to prepare for them to approve our tourist visa request.thank you and hoping for your reply soon.. godbless

    1. State the truth in your cover letter that you are going back for your family – specifically to look after your father, mention that someone from family will take care of your Dad while away, How long will you stay in Oz?
      Provide photos with your Dad, medical cert, etc.

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