My relationship with Australia

I think I might start to write something about how my journey began…I don’t know how to call it but looking back, I felt like it was all connected. Everything just fits in together…why I ended up here in Australia.

It was 2010 or 2011 when I started searching for pursuing another course in college – I’ve always wanted to contribute to my country and to my fellow Filipinos hence my eagerness to be a part of the education system in the Philippines. This desire was due to my experience of what school is like in my country – I was lucky enough to have been able to finish my first course through a scholarship grant and it was not an easy journey. Have I not succeeded in passing the exam, it will be a real struggle to get funds to continue studying in a university. I wanted education to be accessible to those who want it.

I was on vacation and spending Christmas holidays in the province when I started searching for scholarships, online education, schools that offer night classes etc. I was determined to finish a degree in education, work for the government – in the education field then get a scholarship from Australia. I saw in one of my research that Australia gives scholarship to those who want to pursue higher education, as long as the scholar will work for the government in his own country in the chosen field of study eg. education. So since then Australia has been on my diary, list and plans.

But it didn’t stop there. Before having that long term goal of getting a scholarship from AusAid, I have been working in a BPO since 2009, my first account was on a graveyard shift. It was a blessing in disguise that after 2 months, the account was closed and we were advised by the company that we will be transferred to a different account. I didn’t have any idea what will happen next. We were asked to take an exam about computers, modem, etc. then that was it. I didn’t have a job for a week. Then after that I received  a call from HR that I will start on a new account – Bigpond Technical Support .

That’s  a bit of how I started getting to know Australia.


How to Apply Australian Fiance Visa online

sZHello beshies 🙂

I will give you below details for Fiance Visa (Prospective Marriage Visa) application. My ex-boyfriend, now my husband and I applied for Fiance Visa first before we applied for my Sponsored Tourist Visa.

We did this because I was working in Manila and he lives and works in Oz. We can’t just get married in Australia without a plan and preparation. While our Fiance visa application was in progress, we applied for a tourist visa on August 2015, so I can visit him in Australia for a few weeks while waiting for the PMV to be approved. Luckily, the tourist visa granted was multiple entry, with 3months stay per visit. After my 10day visit last September 2016, we decided I can use the maximum 3months stay so I went back to the Philippines after 10days, prepared my resignation letter then rendered 30days as stated in my work contract. We we’re blessed to have the PMV approved after 6 months.

After my 3months stay in Australia, from November 2015 to January 2016, I received an visa grant email from immigration on February 2016. I know there are easier ways to get married in Australia or in the Philippines. We chose this way, because we thought it’s the best course to go through in our situation.

What is Fiance Visa? this visa will allow you to marry your Australian partner in Australia or in any country when the visa is approved. You need to get married after entry to Australia and before the visa expires ( 9 months).  The price of subclass 300 at the moment is 6,850 AUD.

So, here’s what’s needed to do the application online – Prospective Marriage Visa subclass 300.

  • Create your immi account. Just type immi account australia in google 🙂
  • Application will be offshore which means you need to be in your country, in this case – Philippines when the visa is granted.
  • Time frame – 9 months to one year. If there are other documents / additional medical needed it might be more than a year.

For the documents:

  • Document of relationship – you need to prepare two documents that will state the details your relationship with your fiance; one from you and one from your fiance. How you met, date of engagement, things you did together, communication while apart, travels together, status of relationship, plans of wedding and plans after marriage.
  • Other proof of relationship – these are evidences of the things you claim on your letter about your relationship. Photos of travel together. Photos with family and friends. Screenshot of communication in facebook messenger, skype calls, messages, viedocalls. Proof of gifts given to each other. Receipts with your name together.
  • Proof of plans to get married – receipt of wedding ring, engagement ring. Engagement photos if there are any. Church reservations etc.
  • Social proof of relationship – common facebook friends. Invitation to a gathering that include both of your names. Photos of gathering with friends.
  • 2 or more statutory declaration Form 888. This must be completed by Australian citizens who can attest to your relationship.

Proof of Identification – applicant and your fiance:

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport bio page
  • Other identification – SSS, drivers license, Medicare or Philhealth
  • 2 recent passport-sized photo

take note that these documents (ID) need to be notarized in the Philippines or for Australian documents (fiance doc) – needs to be verified by Justice of Peace.


  • Medical / Health requirement for the applicant – immigration in Manila will send you an email when to do your medical so it’s important you check your email regularly. You will undergo medical examination, chest x-ray and HIV test. Once you are given HAP ID, you need to print the HAP ID form. Go to the accredited clinic to complete medical. They will tell you if everything is good or if you need to get additional tests. The clinic will forward the result to immigration – get the clinic number and verify after 2-4 days that they have forwarded result. Check the accredited clinics.
  • NBI for the applicant
  • wait for your case officer to ask for your Cenomar. When you receive the email asking for Cenomar, apply online for the cenomar and select Deliver the document to Australian Embassy. Once this is done, don’t forget to click the button in the online immigration account – document has been supplied.

**for the HAP ID, i didn’t receive an email after 2 months of application – so I  clicked the generate HAP ID button in my immi account, printed the HAP ID confirmation then I emailed immigration Manila to let them know that I haven’t received any info about when to get medical. They then advised me to get my medical done as HAP ID has been generated. Immigration says to wait for their advise to get a medical – but it has been two months or so and no advise was given so I clicked the generate HAP ID. I think it worked for me. So just wait for 3  weeks or a month  but if they haven’t given you details for your medical. You can do what I did 🙂

You don’t have to upload all documents at once. You can complete the whole thing in a week. You can start uploading after the visa is paid for.

* You can always send email or ask enquiry to immigration through email. They respond within a week. Make sure all documents are complete.

Hope this helps.

**this is just to share my experience. I’m not a registered Immigration consultant or affiliated to company that can legally advise of any Visa application.