Things to Remember in Applying Tourist Visa

The tourist visa (TV) saga continues; I have a lot of people asking about how to get their TV applications approved. Well, their are a lot of factors:


  • 100% proof you are a genuine tourist – that means having strong ties to go back to your own country.   This applies to solo travelers and those applying with sponsors & it includes:
  1. Assets – bank account, savings, insurance policies, time deposits, land titles, car registrations etc. Have bank documents signed by the bank manager and others notarized.  Immigration needs to know if you have enough funds for your travel. For sponsored applicants, they need to make sure the sponsor is financially capable.
  2. Work – yes! this helps too. You need to get a Certificate of employment and payslips to be included on your application.
  3. Family – include photos of your family and photos with sponsor.
  • Cover Letter and Statutory Declaration – Australian Immigration does not require interview, the decision is based on the papers and documents you provide.
  1. Write a cover letter which states your relationship with the sponsor (if your have sponsor of your travel), state a story of how you met, how is the relationship going, reasons for travelling and your reasons to go back. It’s important that you create a truthful and clear story about your motives in going to Australia.
  2. Statutory Declaration – your sponsor can write a stat dec indicating his sponsorship of your travel. The form can be searched / downloaded from google,…/CommonwealthStatutorydeclarationform.PDF.
  • Itinerary – include a rough plan of your visit. Create a table of dates and where to while in Australia.
  • Proof of relationship – this applies to the applicants with sponsors, get a screenshot of your communications (email, viber, skype, facebook). A photo in skype or facetime is valuable. Make sure these documents show that you have constant chat with your sponsor.

Those are the top things to include on your application. Please don’t forget  proof of Identification and travel documents; you and your sponsor (if need be) must include all necessary papers; below documents need to be notarized:

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport

How about those who haven’t met their sponsors yet in person?

I’ve read a lot of successful stories of visa grants where both parties haven’t met yet. Rule of the thumb – be truthful in your application as genuine tourist who will abide with the visa.

Good luck to all 🙂

**this is just to share my experience. I’m not a registered Immigration consultant or affiliated to company that can legally advise of any Visa application.