Visa: Land Down Under

Applying for Australian Tourist Visa is easy breezy. Whether you have a family member, partner / boyfriend / fiance to sponsor or you’re someone who loves to travel, there are a lot of information online to help you get the visa to the Land Down Under.

First, there are two ways you can submit your application, online or personally in VFS.Global Philippines – through courier / postal (if you live away from VFS offices in Cebu and Manila). I  applied online through Australian Government: Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Advantages in  doing this includes: no courier / handling fee and avoiding traffic to travel to VFS office. Your sponsor can also help you upload documents if both parties are aware of the log in details.


After creating my account, I prepared all documents needed to be to be uploaded. Here’s the list of requirements…/Subclass 600 Tourist Stream checklist – updated 24-06-2015.pdf.

In uploading your documents, please click 60 documents are allowed in a TV SubClass600. However, I collated similar information in each category to upload more in one go. You can see below how I named one file as Sponsor_Financial_Proof and included in that file are documents like bank statements, payslip and proof of accommodation from my sponsor. You can save each file in PDF, word or JPEG with maximum 5MB size per file. Please label each documents and photos accordingly. You may experience uploading documents twice like proof of identity (passport , BC), it’s normal, just put them in when needed.


I scanned all documents and some needs to be notarized like:

  1. Passport
  2. Statutory Declaration (Commonwealth statutory declaration form [DOC 53KB]) from the sponsor
  3. Birth Certificate

There are a lot of notary public in the Philippines and it cost from Php50 to Php150 per document; price depends on the type of document. You can use your smart phones to take photos or scan documents. Free applications you can download on your phones…/8-best-scanner-apps-for-ios-and-android

Payment was done using credit card. Check this link for fees  I started uploading documents after that; and also got an email confirmation from Immigration. I didn’t worry about completing the whole application in one go, as they allowed adding documents. I did go back a few times to add bits and pieces. I do recommend though to get the all important requirements be uploaded within a week.

My tourist visa SubClass 600 was sponsored by my fiance. Applying for a sponsored TV means;

  • your sponsor must be eligible (financially & must be Australian citizen / resident) to support your stay in Australia – expenses, tickets, travel insurance etc. Documents that will prove this are: birth certificate, passport, statement, payslips, his/ her rent receipts / contract, or papers to prove that he/ she owns the house you’ll be staying. Other things that might help is a statutory declaration from the sponsor, stating that he / she is in relation to  you and that he’s the sponsor(please see above form)
  • you are related to your sponsor – whether he is a family member, friend,  fiance, proofs are important. This includes, photos together, letters / emails for each other, messenger/skype/viber convos. If you are in a relationship (bf/gf, fiance) a brief history of the relationship will help. Birth Certificates if you are related by blood.
  • Most importantly – the applicant’s strong ties to go back to his home country. This will include family, work and assets.  Family – photos, BC. Work – Certificate of Employment, letter from your manager that you’re allowed for a vacation leave  (include the dates),  payslips. Assets  – bank statement, investments, land / car / house titles / registrations.

Here are other things that might help:

  1. CoverLetter – from the applicant stating relationship with the sponsor, itinerary and reason for applying for the said visa.
  2. If you are already have a Fiance Visa application, you may indicate reference number in your letter. As having it doesn’t allow you to marry in Australia, until  the Fiance Visa is approved. It also needs to be granted when the applicant is outside Australia.
  3. NBI

Medical is only required when you are staying for more than 6 months. You have to wait for their advise when to get one. Or if you haven’t received any information about it within 2-3 days, you can click the HAPID button and get your reference number, email them that you applied for Visa for more than 3months stay and medical is needed. Usually they will reply within 5days and you may complete the requirements on the following accredited hospitals / clinics:…/Help/Location/philippines. Applicants will undergo – x-ray and medical exam:…rement/health-examinations. They will advise if the results are good or whether you need to do some additional tests. Results are forwarded to Immigration within 3-5 days. This clinic will advise you if there’s a need to go back for another check. You can also follow up if the results have been forwarded.

Tourist Visa can be a long wait. I received my visa grant notification after 35days .Others get it in less than two weeks. This depends on a lot of factors. People who apply need to make sure they have genuine motive of being a tourist and follow visa requirements and conditions.

I basically have to send email to and follow-up after 25days. Immigration does not recommenced booking the ticket / accommodation prior to application as this doesn’t guarantee approval, but we did it anyway and used it as one of the proofs. If you think that you have all documents and proof then you may do so.

Overall, applying is not as dreadful as it may seem. It’s the waiting game that gives you a bit of a nervous breakdown. I have never felt so nervous reading an email, but it’s worth it 🙂 opening the attachment was terrifying, but when I saw it was a visa grant, it was such a big relief.

**this is just to share my experience. I’m not a registered Immigration consultant or affiliated to company that can legally advise of any Visa application.



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  1. Hello,
    What if i have a baby to an australian Citizen, and my baby is an Australian citizen by descent, is it possible if i can apply Tourist Visa easy ?

    1. Hi MJ: you can check this link. Personally, from what I know you only apply for visa because you are not a citizen of that country, and that country restricts non-citizens to get into their homeland, unless a visa is approved. So if the baby is born outside Australia, though the father is Australian, the baby carries the citizenship of the country he/ she is born to or where the birth is registered. So having an Aussie descent does not help in applying tourist visa. Though you can also check this link on how to claim Australian Citizenship:

  2. Hello Mj, I’m speaking from experience and knowing / reading a few stuff. Is your baby born in Australia?
    Citizenship is acquired – by birth or naturalization.
    Visa is applied to countries you want to travel to, where in you are not a citizen of that place.
    Even if the father is Australian, this does not guarantee a smoother or faster Tourist Visa process.
    But, if the baby will be sponsored by the father (Australian Citizen) and state in a declaration that he is the Dad and will sponsor the travel of the baby and you, it will help. It is important that the sponsor and the applicant meet the criteria and requirements.
    I hope this gives you answers to your questions 🙂

    note: I am not an immigration officer and my thoughts and opinion are based on general information and exepriences

    1. Hello cam.
      I’d like you to know that my baby citizenship is granted.
      Thank you for the info.
      This blog helps me a lot.


      And now, im waiting for his Australian passport then i may be able to apply for my Tourist Visa.

      Thanks again 🙂

  3. Hello Mj, I’m speaking from experience and knowing / reading a few stuff. Is your baby born in Australia?
    Citizenship is acquired – by birth or naturalization.
    Visa is applied to countries you want to travel to, where in you are not a citizen of that place.
    Even if the father is Australian, this does not guarantee a smoother or faster Tourist Visa process.
    But, if the baby will be sponsored by the father (Australian Citizen) and state in a declaration that he is the Dad and will sponsor the travel of the baby and you, it will help. It is important that the sponsor and the applicant meet the criteria and requirements.
    I hope this gives you answers to your questions:)

    note: I am not an immigration officer and my thoughts and opinion are based on general information and exepriences

  4. Hello,
    My sponsor is only a family friend is it possible to have a visa? I already traveled to japan twice?

    1. Hello Shiela, If the sponsor can provide financial aspects and proof of your stay, like accommodation, send you an invite through email, have a statutory declaration that he is the sponsor & that you are visiting and a genuine tourist. It will help. Most important thing is your proof of ties going back to the Philippines. Ito ung family, work and assets. Remember na ang Australian visa, walang interview. It will only be based on the documents you provide, proof, photos, cover letter etc. There should be a believable & true story of the reasons you are applying as a visitor of the country and make them say “visa granted” because they believe you will not over stay.
      Cover letter is one way to state your story and reasons that you are going back because of work, and family or for a specific family gathering ( mom’s bday, parent’s wedding avviversary etc) back to your country. Everything you claim must have specific documents to back it up. Since you traveled before, pwede maging proof that you always abide to visa conditions and that totoong turista ka, that’s why they ask for your passport stams/other visa scans from your previous travels. Goodluck Shiela 🙂

      1. Hello Shiea, ikaw ang mag-aaply sa VFS or online , bukod sa mga proof of identity mo at proof of ties to go back sa Pinas, kailangan din magprovide ni sponsor ng mga proof of financial na kaya kanyang sponsoran, documents to prove his/her capacity, proof na you are related like photos, conversation, etc.
        Document samples / are written in my blog 🙂 Thank you for your questions Shiela. Happy to help. Let me know of your journey sa blog ko. Marami din tayo matutulungan in terms of info 🙂

      2. kapag nag apply kayo online, at pareho nyong alam ang login details. Pwede ung sponsor mo mag upload ng documents. Rule is, kung sino ung pupuntang Australia, sa kanya dapat nakapangaan ang account at saya ang main applicant. What’s good online is, your sponsor can help you upload documents, and pay for the visa online as well 🙂

      3. hello,
        kanino address ung cover letter? im applying for a tourist visa (subclass 600) but my fiance is supporting me with all, financial, communication technology, accommodation, transportation etc.
        how much money should i have in bank? thanks

      4. Hello May, Just put in the cover letter, To Immigration Officer and then put address below. Kapag may sponsor may importante na magsubmit ng bank statement ang sponsor, payslip nya etc.
        Pero kailangan mo din magsubmit nang finacial aspects mo, wala nmn sinabing amount for the applicant, I heard other applicant that have less than 20k in their banks. Mas importante na financially stable ang sponsor. Ang titingnan nila sayo is your strong ties to go back, work, family, assests.

      5. gud pm. pls give me your opinions about my situation coz i find u the right person to ask about it coz i find your post relevant and helpful
        Im planning to lodge my tourist visa application to australia by first week of july. but im a bit confused because of the different feedbacks I heard.
        Im separated for 2 years but did not undergo legal separation. A friend of mine in australia invited me to visit him in a tourist visa. and we lookiing at applying for a 12month afraid that my marital status will affect the application.pls advice me if it will affect my application or not based on your knowledge and experties.
        Or they will not dig down to that since im applying for tourist visa and its enough that my friend is financially stable in all aspects and that alone is enough for me for the applied visa granted
        advice from u soon is really helpful.

      6. your previous marital status is not a concern for applying tourist visa, 2 important things – the sponsor’s capacity to support you, your relationship with sponsor and your strong ties to go back to the Philippines. It will be a different story though if you are applying for a fiance via, partner visa or if you are planning to get married.
        Hope this helps 🙂 and Goodluck to your application

      7. thank you for the immediate response. im so glad. with the form i will tick the box separated still? but they say i should not reflect in the form that he is my boyfriend coz they say it will affect granting the visa since im still legally married. is it helpful that i do that?

  5. It’s also important Shiela that you establish / state your relationship in the application and provide proof of your ties to the sponsor. Conversations, photos, etc

  6. Hello,

    Good pm.

    May I ask, should I follow up the australian embassy what reference number should I use? I applied through VFS and I am not sure if their reference number is the same as that of Australian Embassy. I lodged my application last May 10. I am planning to follow up on June 9 should I not receive any update tomorrow or the next day.


  7. Hi camestrada,

    I posted a reply earlier but cannot see it on your page so I will ask my question again. I lodged my tourist visa application last may 10 and i plan to make a follow up on june 9 should I not receive an feedback tom or the next day. What are the details needed for my follow? Is the reference number given by vfs the same reference number by the australian embassy and also what is the email add to which I can make a follow up? TIA.

    1. You can use the reference given by VFS. Just put on the subject – RefNumber:TouristVisa FollowUp.
      Include mo ung full name at reference number sa email.
      Goodluck sa you 🙂 and GodBless

      1. Thanks for the reply camestrada. 🙂 VFS tracking number is a 13 character alphanumeric code AUX-PH-01-106XXX-X. Also, it was advised by VFS not to call or email the australian embassy to chase the status of the visa. Will they take it against my application if I do so? And finally, what is the email add na eemail ko for updates. 🙂 thank you very much.

      2. ohhh, I guess, If you applied with 3rd party, sila kasi ung nagiging, primary contact ng Embassy for the progress of your application. I don’t see any problem asking update for application, kasi ikaw nmn ang main applicant. Just indicate on your email that you used VFS but sadly, they haven’t given any update yet after the usual timeframe of 30days.

      3. Super thanks. I will try to call VFS again today if they can seek for an update on my behalf. Day 29 na. Huhuhuhu. 😢😢😢

    2. Hi JM, have you received your result? I submitted mine thru VFS too on May 13. I tracked it using the VFS AU tracking online and it was stated the result was given to me on May 19 via email. I have not received any email yet. 😦

      1. Not yet. I havent received it yet. You can call VFS to verify. Goodluck. Super anxious na ako next Monday ba ung flight ko.

      2. Hi She and JM! Also applied last May 13! Hope we get our visas already. We’re flying on July 7. 🙂

  8. Hello, this is for Trish, regarding her comment / question about submitting her application _ walk-in sa VFS.
    I did not see any information kung paano mag-add ng documents after submitting in sa VFS. You may want to call them ASAP on how to do it.
    See below:
    Application submission times:

    Manila: Monday to Friday 08:00 -15:00
    Cebu: Monday to Friday 08:00 – 14:00

    (Excluding public holidays)

    Decision and document collection times: Monday to Friday 15:00 – 16:00

    (Excluding public holidays)

    Call Centre – 632 790 4900

    Call Centre Timings: 9:00-17:00

    **Saw your comment earlier but was suprised, bigla sya nawala sa page ko.

  9. Hi camestrada, I got my visa yesterday after 39 days of waiting and my flight is on Monday na. Your blog is really helpful as well as the other comments posted. Thanks everyone. ☺☺☺

  10. gud pm. pls give me your opinions about my situation coz i find u the right person to ask about it coz i find your post relevant and helpful
    Im planning to lodge my tourist visa application to australia by first week of july. but im a bit confused because of the different feedbacks I heard.
    Im separated for 2 years but did not undergo legal separation. A friend of mine in australia invited me to visit him in a tourist visa. and we lookiing at applying for a 12month afraid that my marital status will affect the application.pls advice me if it will affect my application or not based on your knowledge and experties.
    Or they will not dig down to that since im applying for tourist visa and its enough that my friend is financially stable in all aspects and that alone is enough for me for the applied visa granted
    advice from u soon is really helpful.

  11. good morning cam. just wanna ask you help again. I read the other posts and comments you gave to the others that you have sample documents posted in your blog for tourist visa stream 600. pls help me kung san ko sya ma access? pacensya na im not that good at this. will lodge my application next week. where can i check kung magkano po ang babayaran ko for my visa application? kc nong pumunta ako sa vfs hnd ko natanong yun cguro na tense lang ako. will be very happy to hear from you. thank you and god bless

    1. Hello JAs35, nasa blog ko ung mga document samples na pwede mo ipasa for your tourist visa, sarili mong mga documents un at ng sponsor mo. You need to scan those documents tapos upload mo sa online application mo. Kung paper application ka, pasa mo lahat ng documents sa VFS. 🙂
      May nilagay akong links sa blog ko kung anu mga requirements

      1. thank you cam. I will lodge my visa application by friday through VFS and i hope positive ang result. Thank you for the advice. I will keep following your blog coz its really helpful. God bless

  12. hello po mis cam i would like to asked what are the other way or things to do if u want extension on ur visa. ?? what to do wre to process if u are in austrlia. visa grant june 22 but only 3mos stay in aus. last depature decmber 22.gusto ko sana mag extension. anything tht u can advise what to do.? or how to apply on bridging programe any idea on it. thank you.

    1. Hi Lhea, for extension you can call Australia immigration. I think you can apply online too. Based on what I read, you will provide same proof na pinasa mo for tourist visa, and ofcourse reason for extension 🙂

    2. Hi Lhea, kung nasa Australia ka – just call Immigration dito sa Oz for extension on how to apply. Bridging Visa is only for applicants na nagpakasal dito sa OZ while on TouristVisa , tapos they to appply 2nd stage vis (partnervisa) in Oz, they grant that Bridging Visa kasi ung current visa nila mag-eeexpire na and they need to stay while the second stage visa is being processed

  13. gud pm cam. pls give me an advice. do I need to put photos of my friend and I together? How many photos is enough to establish our relationship? I have to include photos of my immediate families too? Thank you cam. godbless

    1. maglagay ka ng photos with caption, paste mo sa bondpaper – that way they’ll know kung sino sino nasa photos 🙂 the more the merrier. Yes, you can include your families – if they are your ties going back to the Philippines 🙂 Goodluck jas35

  14. hello cam. thank you sa info regarding the photos. I just put 4 photos of my friend and I then 2 photos with my family. I lodge my application today. Im feeling positive but cant help to worry unless i got their email or text saying visa granted. I will start counting the days hehehe

    Thank you so much cam I found a new friend in you through your advices. god bless and good health always

    1. You’re welcome Jas35 🙂 masaya na ako na maishare ang experience ko and to help in a little way.
      Let me know what happens to your application. Godbless you too 🙂

  15. good day cam. i have a good news my tourist visa is granted just received an email from the embassy. im so happy.

    but have questions pls clarify this to me cam

    I can stay until 3 months
    single entry
    last to arrive feb 4, 2017

    ibig ba sabihin niyan isang puntahan lang cam? example pupunta ako ng sept 5, 2015 until december 2015 lang ang stay ko? tapos hindi na ko pwd bumalik?

    thank you cam. hope to hear from you

    1. So happy for you! 😊Yes Jas35, single entry means pwede kang pumunta sa Australia til Feb 4, 2017. Pero 3 months lang ang maximum stay mo.
      Kung pupunta this Sept 5 – 90days ka lang pwede magstay sa Oz.
      Pero one month before magexpire visa mo pwede ka request na magextend. You neef to call Australian embassy to request that 😊

      1. thank you cam and caroline for the info. with regards with the extension is it possible they will approve for another 3 month extension for your visa? or how long usually tourist visa extension is?

        good to hear from you guys. God bless

  16. Hi Cam! Can i please ask you if my boyfriends copy of the passport need the be notarized too or ako alang. Tnx po.

  17. Hello! Just wanna ask where can i attach my cover letter and the financial evidence of my sponsor since i think bago na ang layout ng immiaccount.

    The account didnt even let me attach my passportsize photograph.. just worried kasi konti lan hinahanap saking documents..

    After ba mag attach ng “required documents” then i pay for it.. would i have the chance to attach more documents?

    1. Once it’s paid then you can start to attach documents. You can add more documents after paying. Di ko na attach lahat ng isang araw lang. Siguro inabot ako ng 3 days. hehe. So ye, you can still add more documents if you like. Pero give your self atleast 2-3 days to attach everything after payment. Pag nakabayad na mag-aapear ung Attach documents sa left side. May 2 choices – ung sa name mo, tapos sa baba name ng sponsor mo. Choose ka lang dun, andun lahat 🙂

      1. Is it okay to attach my personal cover letter to my sponsor’s invitation? Cos there’s no required documents for my cover letter and pictures of my family.

      2. I attached it in the Itinerary Evidence. Then labelled the filenam – Cover Letter and Itinerary. In my cover letter, nilagay ko kasi ung itinerary ko 🙂

      3. There’s no required nor recommended document for cover letter or itinerary mam.. so i put it on my sponsor.. will that be okay?

      4. it’s not required and not on the list I guess, it’s just one way of telling bakit you are visiting Australia. When I checked on the Immigration account – there is Attachment labeled Itinerary under my name. Or you can choose Other – then just put the filename _ CoverLetter and Itinerary. Minsan mahirap hagilapin sa immi account.

    1. Hi Jas35, i might have accidentally deleted your comment. The mouse I’m using is playing up.
      Pareho lang ung ipapasa mo sa extension plus a letter stating why you want to extend. Call the nearest immgrations. I think you can send application through post.

  18. hi cam.. thanks sa respond mo sa isang site..

    okey lang ba na iinclude yun business permit dated sept 12 201and my first internet bills sa application ko..

    plus un mga itenerary tickets nya kpag umuuwi cya dito at mga remitances receipts since 2013 and remitances from other country n galing sa family nya..

    1. OO, the business permit under your name is good asset to prove na babalikan mo business mo. The internet bills ok din pero kahit di na un.
      Ung Ticket nya is proof un na genuine ang relationship at you get to see each other. That is good too 🙂
      Good luck sa application

  19. hi miss @camestrada… makakatulog ba kung isasama yun mga remitances receipts nn boyfriend ko at nun family nya from another country?

    medyo confused kasi ako.. kasi baka isipin nn CO.. my work ako pero my ngpapadala sakn ng money abroad.. or naiisip ko.. na bka need ko din iproof kung san ko nakuha yun pera kung mgpapakita ako ng bank statement..


  20. Hello miss cam! I would like to write an informal approach on my cover letter. Pwede ba yun? Like im kinda romantic kasi, so yung tone ng letter is not formal lol

    1. Hindi nmn kailangan masyadong formal. Pero make sure it’s not so romantic, baka mainlab sayo ung magababsa ng cover letter mo lol. Be direct to the point, ung What, when why, where at how lang mga kailangan 🙂

      1. Hello Ms. Cam, pls. help po if with invitation letter from my sister but wala siyang work good thing po ba na magsubmit din ako ng payslip ng husband niya? ang i-sponsor lang nila is the accommodation.. we will attend kasi ng christening ng nephew ko with my husband coz siya yung ninong.. 12 days kami magstay sa OZ, do you think okay lang po na ung itinerary na isubmit namin more on family bonding and di masyado mag-tour?

  21. Hello Ms. Cam, pls. help ask ko lang po kapag with invitation letter from my sister pero wala siyang work good thing po ba na magbigay din ako ng copy ng payslip ng husband niya though ang isponsor lang nila is ung accommodation.. we will attend kasi ng christening ng nephew ko together with my husband.. 12days kami magstay sa OZ, is it okay na ung itinerary na ilalagay namin more on family bonding and di masyado magtour?

    1. kapag accomodation ang sponsor – rates notice. Evidence na sa kanila nag bahay or dun sila nagrerent. Pede rin nmn bank statement – kung joint account nmn sila ng sister mo. MAkakatulong din un. Maganda rin na gumawa ng statutory declaration ang ate – which states na sya ang magproprovide ng accomodation or food etc. Andun lahat un sa blog ko. Check mo ung link ng staturory dec or sa google. Goodluck 🙂

  22. Hi. Did you just apply recently? I wanna know that in attaching the cover letter – under what category did you attach it? It seems their set up in attachment is different from before (I applied online last year). I am applying for the visitor visa again. Thanks.

    1. I applied last year August. Nabago lang ung ayos pero ganun parin. Nilagay ko sya sa Itinerary. Ung Cover letter ko kasi sinama ko ung itinerary ko. SO ung file name na inattach ko is Coverletter_Itinerary

  23. HI MariaWent2Town? i am wondering which category did u attach ur cover letter and leave of absence?
    i got refused this day since i did not attach any since i did not find any match on which category to attach it.

    Hi caemstradam, do u know any rule on when to reapply when an applicant got refused? thanks!

    1. Hello Dan – I attached it under Itinerary. – Pinagsama ko ung Cover Letter ko at Itinerary sa isang file na word document. Dun sa description lagay mo – Itinerary and Cover Letter.
      Gawa ka ng Itinerary ung mga puntahan mo, date kung klan, ganun

  24. Hi! your blog is really helpful. I’m starting to gather na yung mga docs needed. I just have a question, after makuha yung visa pwede ba after one to two months umalis? thank you!!

  25. Just got my visitor visa today! 6 months multiple entry! I submitted it last October 3. thanks for writing this how-to!!!!

    Here’s a list of things i submitted:

    Duly accomplished and signed Application Form 1419
    Birth certificate
    Certified true copy of my passport bio page and relevant pages
    Certified true copy of my friend’s invitation letter
    Certified true copy of my friend’s passport bio page
    Letter of leave approval from my boss
    Certificate of Employment
    Certified true copy of my previous and current company ID
    Certified true copy of my Certificate of Compensation Payment/Tax Withheld (Form 2316)
    Certified true copy of my Business Permit
    Certified true copy of my DTI Registration
    Certified true copy of my BIR Registration (Form 2303)
    Certified true copy of my Income Tax Return (Form 1701)
    Recent Payslips
    Bank Certificate
    Certified true copies of my Credit Card statements
    Booking Confirmation at Caravella Backpackers
    Certified true copies of Motor Vehicle Registrations that I own

    Good luck!!

  26. hi! hope you guys can help me. im filling out the visitor short stay visa. theres this question na “relationship to the applicant” walang “friends” and/or “boyfriend/girlfriend”. hows that? pinaka close lang is spouse and fiance. were not yet married or getting married. please help! thank you

  27. Hi Cams, patulong naman oh..I’m currently unemployed and balak namin ni bf na sa Perth na ko mag Christmas at nang ma experience ko naman daw na sa kanila ako mag Pasko. Anu ba ang mga kailangan kong isubmit na mga papel at na babalik ako ng Pinas. Pwede bang family ko ang daholan ko kayat babalik ako ng Pinas? At anung mga papers ni bf ang kailangan ko? Thank you. Reply please.

  28. hello. i got refused yesterday. my husband who is in australia processed my application. He has a student visa but he is also working now. we just want to spend holidays together there. we have a friend who will sponsor my accomodation since my husband lives there in his apartment.

    this is the reason of my refused visa:
    Based on information and documents, you have been recently employed as an aesthetic nurse. I have concerns that your employment may not provide sufficient incentive to induce you to return to the Philippines within the validity of your visa. The fact that you are requesting to be absent from your only stated source of income for 1-3 months in order to visit and holiday raises concerns over the amount of weight you place on your responsibilities and commitments in the Philippines and your intended purpose in coming to Australia.
    I give little weight to your employment and personal circumstances as evidence that you intend to temporarily stay in Australia as a visitor. Therefore, I find that you do not meet clause 600.211.
    As clause 600.211 is not met by the applicant, I find the criteria for the grant of a Visitor (Tourist) visa in the Tourist stream are not met by the applicant, and thus the applicant does not meet the criteria for the grant of a Visitor (Tourist) visa. I therefore find the criteria for the grant of a Visitor visa are not met by the applicant.
    Therefore, I refuse the application by the applicant for a Visitor visa.

    please help. we just forgot to attach a leave of absence form.

    1. Hi usually, those who can sponsor must be citizen of Australia. There are alot of factors too – gaya na sinabi sa refusal letter mo, work, and reasons na babalik ka talaga sa Pinas

    2. Hi medyo mahirap ang situation mo. Titingnan talaga nila kung may strong ties ka na bumalik sa Pilipinas.
      Una is temporary resident ang iyong asawa sa Australia bilang isang student.
      may mga questions po ako.
      1. Did you apply with sponsor sabi mo at ito ay sponsorship lng ng accomodation tama po ba?
      2. Do you have enough financial assets to support your stay in Australia? Sino may support ng travel, food etc? Nilagay mo ba ito sa cover letter mo? Nag attach ka ba ng documents or proof na kakilala mo ang friend ng husband mo for accomodation? Kailangan ng statutory declation dito at rents notice ng accomodation.
      3. Anu ung mga pinasa mong proof na babalik ka sa Pilipinas?

      Mahigpit ang Australia sa immigration. Minsa nmn sabi nila depende ito sa Case Officer.
      Try mo mag-apply ulit sis. and make sure na completo ang mga documents mo.

      1. hello po! finally my 2nd TV application was granted yesterday!!! my hubby found help from his agent for free. we applied last nov. 21. thank God!

  29. Hi nagsubmit ako November 15 around 4am.. Im working here in Taiwan plan ko visit si bf sa OZ from Dec 25-Dec 30 then flight to PH naman Dec 31 to January 3 celeb new year with my family. may ticket na ako and attached ko din.
    mga ilang days ba bago ko pwede ifollow up application ko 2 weeks ba?hehe.. sobra biglaan kasi nagworry lang ako .. sana maaproved…

      1. yes online ako …sobra ganito pala feeling haha…may nabasa kasi ako blog dami niya na stamp travel na asia and may US visa multiple entry 10 yrs same kami nadeny siya… if followup san?
        sinasabi naman ba if madeny ano reason?..

      2. email ka sa immigration 🙂 did you use the immi account? Since you applied in Taiwan, UAstralian Embassy in Taiwan ang mag-assess. Anung link ng online kung san ka nagsubmit?

      3. Hi cam.. nagemail ako before sa Aus embassy taiwan hawak ng Hongkong ang processing and they just gave lang accredited na agency dito sa taiwan.
        pero dito lang din ako sa site na to.. naglodge
        iba paba ang site?
        before 30 days ko pa pwede followup? .. nagkamali pala ako ng attachment ung ticket ko kasi naattached ko siya under ng asset > others. pero my decription naman na roundtrip ticket Taiwan to Brisbane and then taiwan to PH. sobra strict ba sila sa ganun details i didnt know na pwede pa ako mag attached after ko masubmit.. and other thing.. Right now kasi on-going construction ung apartment, attach ko ang lot title and building permit.. may post ako last june sa facebook natapos second floor then nilagyan ko din status apartment ngayon nov para sa 3rd floor kaso nalagay ko status as of nov 2017 hahahahha..typo error..

        pwede paba ako magattached cover letter kaso nagsubmit ako nov 15 medyo late na.. i ask my friend before din kasi hindi na sila nagsubmit cover letter..
        here is the list na submit ko..

        1.1st Company contract
        2.1st Work Permit by Taiwan Labor
        3. 2nd Company contract
        4. 2nd Work Permit by Taiwan labor
        5. 2016 Payslip Jan- Oct and 2016 bonus
        6. Alien residence card Taiwan ( pero magexpire siya may 07,2017 2 yrs lang kasi approved working permit ng labor pero ung contract ko sa company 2018 multiple entry siya)
        7. Approve leave Application dec 26- Dec 30 ( nilagay ko holiday jan 2 and January 3 apply ko nalang sa january)
        8. NSO / Birth Cert
        9. Company ID
        10. Hotel Reservation Dec 25 to Dec 30
        11. Income Tax Return yr 2014 and yr 2015
        12. Lot title, Building permit Apartment
        13. Passport old (entry, exit, visa)
        14. Passport_present (entry, exit, visa)
        15. Roundtrip ticket Taiwan to Brisbane Dec 24- Dec 30
        16. Roundtrip ticket Taiwan to PH dec 31- January 3
        17. Schedule Business trip January 7- June 20, 2017 ( email conversation between my manager and Hr in US to prepare my invitation letter for onsite support design engr.)
        18. Vacation philippines (June 2016 umuwi ang bf ko last june screenshot lang mga pictures namin tagaytay and palawan pero bf ko ang post and sister in law niya tag lang ako)

        Around 1pm lunch ko to hinabol attached late ko na kasi nareceive invitation letter ko
        19.Invitation letter from our company in US stated dun date jan 7~ june 20
        20 photo passport size

        pwede paba ako mag attached cover letter or super late na?..nakaka stress ang waiting game… hahaha.. medyo nagiging hungry hungry game siya para sakin hahaha.. sorry ang haba ng comment ko ..

        thanks cam 🙂 🙂 :)…

      4. i also submit rin pala Bank cert nakalagay lang account balance.. ok lang ba if convert 3800 AUD ang laman ng submit ko?.. sobra biglaan kasi ang plan namin ni bf June sa anniv namin.. kaso ipapapadala ako ulit sa US kaya i decided celeb xmas with him muna..

        by the way filipino BF ko and right now temporary residence siya.. select ko pala sa sa choices is friend wala kasi boyfriend fiance lang hahahha… kaya hindi na ako humingi ng invitation letter from him. pero sa una palang state ko na magceleb christmas with bf..haha..

      5. Hi cam thanks 🙂 got my Visa ^_^ last nov 24.. 1 week ^_^ hehe going to celeb christmas in Aussie..
        thanks Cam 🙂

  30. Hi Ms. Camestrada, tanong ko Lang po kung halimbawa po na mag deposit aq sa savings ko after 15 days bago mag submit ng application for tourist visa maari po bang makaka’apekto un??

    Maraming salamat po in advance sa reply.

  31. hi miss i just have a few questions regarding with TV subclass 600 to australia. My aussie bf will sponsor my tv. I’ll be applying soon but I’m a bit confused with the documents my bf must provide. He gave me his scanned passport biopage, a payslip but 15days pay only (should it be 1 month payslip?o r it’s enough?) He also sent his bank statement but only the first page of it not detailing the figures of his savings. He also sent me his invitation letter. What document should I get from him as proof of my accommodation because i’ll be staying in his house. Are they enough? In my case, i will just submit my passport with stamps coz i’ve been to hongkong once. Should my passport need to be notarised? What about my NSO? Is it important that it is recent and certified as true copy?
    i can also provide evidence of our relationships but evidence that i return- COE and leave form only

    thank you!

    1. ok nmn lahat Jackie.
      Ung sa payslip ng bf- maganda sana one month. Then ung sa statement – ung 3 months. if he has rates notice – alam nya un document na un. if sa kanya nag bahay meron tinatawag na rates notice. It will help if he can do a statutory declaration too – nasa blog ko ung form at kung anu ilalagay.
      Passport needs to be notarized. Ung NSO – di nmn kailangan na bago basta galing NSO ok na,
      Very important to provide evidence of relationship – gawa ka ng cover letter (nasa blog ko din kung ano ilalagay dun) photos. Nagmeet na ba kayo? Importante rin na mag pasa ka ng evidence to return, approved leav application, COE, payslip, assets – bank statement, etc.
      Hope this helps.

    1. hi Cam, im interested to know about the ticket price. Is that from Manila to Brisbane at how much one trip? My kids (3) and I will be traveling on June 2017. Thanks

      1. we can change the flight to Manila to Brissy. Bayad na ang ticket. We can arrange to change the details to your name and flight details. Let me know if your interested. send me sa email or viber po.

  32. Hi Cam, ill be going alone too this March or pwedeng earlier pa since multiple entry naman visa ko, iba pa ung June naming magiina but I want to know how much talaga since if I take Cebupacific malayong mura db? my number is 09175414930 u can add me on viber. tnx

  33. Hi Cams, nag walk in na ko sa VFS cebu nung Nov 22 :)..Eto na ko sa waiting game !!!! 🙂 Very hopeful ako na sana ma grant yung visa ko kasi excited na si bf at yung family niya na mag camping kami . 🙂 Halimbawa kung ma deny/refuse yung application ko, pwede ba akong mag apply ulit after a week? Thank you Cams 🙂


    1. Hello Lassy, di pa ako nakak eperience ng applicant na ang sponsor ay wala pang work? Is he a student?
      Kung sa bank staement nmn, it depends how may weeks are you staying. And the activities that you will do in OZ. Will you stay at your bf place?
      Then this needs to be explained well in your cover letter> Secondary lang ang sponsor. The main thing is the applicant – ang tininingnan is your reason to go back to the Philippines. Kailangan ma-expalin mo ito ng mabuti sa cover letter – una: ano ang babalikan mo sa Pinas, pangalawa – anu ang sasagutin ng sponsor mo. Lahat ng nabanggit mo sa Cover letter mo, kailnagn may proof – example – if sainabi mo na ang reason mo to go back to the Philippines is your family and work or dahil studyante ka, dapat mag-aatach ka ng picture ng family mo at mga proof na you are employed or enrolled as a student. Ganun din sa sponsor.

      1. maglalagay naman po sya ng money sa bank nya around 5,000 dollars to 10,000 dollars..pwede na po kaya yun??
        and magiging mas madali ba ang application ko now because na approved na ako before??

      2. that’s enough money nmn po. Basta ung 3-4months updated bank statement nya. I think it will help na you already went to Oz before and you followed the visa conditions. Ang magiging malaking percent parin is ung current application mo.


  35. Sis Cam, tanong lang ako ah, nakapunta nako sa Perth last May til June at sponsored ako ng BF ko nun. Dto rin ako kumuha ng mga infos. Pero hiwalay na kami 6 mos ago na, ngayun naman, punta sana ako sa Melbourne, Victoria sponsored by friend. May posibility na ma deny ako? Wait ako sa reply mo. Salamat.

  36. Hi Cams, need your advice, Anu ba dapat kong bilhin na ticket? Roundtrip or oneway? Kasi one way lang plano kong kunin kasi balak ko mag extend pag nasa Perth na ako at sabay kaming uuwi ni bf sa May dto sa Pinas sana..Ngayong Dec 28 travel date ko sana papunta dun. 😦 Pls give me an idea pls. Thank you 🙂

    1. pwede nmn na one way lang muna. Pero since mag extend ka rin pala ask mo sa Airlines how much mag pachange ng dates and flights. pwede na ka rin magbook ng pabalik. Kasi baka tanungin ka pa ng immigration bakit walang ticket pabalik ng Pinas?
      Though di nmn nila ne rerequire ang ticket kapag nag-apply. para mas sure ba

  37. Hi! Ms. cams, i have a question po sana, i was granted a visa two days ago but dun sa itinerary ko sinabi ko na ill be going sa australia third week ng january, kaso nagkaron ng changes. Okay lang po ba yun? Di ba ko ma ku-question if ibang date ako pumunta ng aus? Like mga February na?Thank you!

  38. Hi guys! I need a little help sana. Ill be traveling this month in australia. What do i have to show the immigration? Visa grant notice lang po ba? Thank you

  39. Good day! Just wondering if I can seek advice from you. My fiance is a military personnel in Australia, currently posted in Darwin in Northern Territory. I have never been to Australia but we have traveled to Japan together once. We are planning to submit a tourist visa for us to go to Sydney together when he gets his next military leave. We’re still saving up money for our Prospective Marriage Visa so for now Tourist muna and we are still waiting for him to be posted in Brisbane because we don’t want to settle in Darwin. Just wondering if the embassy would think it’s dodgy for us to submit a Tourist visa since fiance na ang status namin? Maybe they’d suspect us of trying to bridge a tourist and prospective marriage visa? which we wont naman. I would appreciate your response. Salamat!

    1. It’s a tricky situation, you are engaged na which will add questions of baka ikasal kayo sa Aus. what will be your reasons to go back to the Philippines?are you woking at the moment, or have business or studying? Titingnan kasi un. Though in the application di nmn tinatanong if engaged na kayo. Are you planning to apply online or through paper. Ilang years na kayo ng fiance mo?

  40. Hi sis. I just need advice. I’ll be going to Melbourne on Jan 28.
    ONE WAY lan un ticket ko since di pa namin sure if we’re going in bali or Singapore sa expiration of my visa.
    Ok lan ba yun One way?
    It’s my second time going in Australia.
    thank you sis.

    1. if your visa is approved. No worries about it. Just make sure if they ask you in immigration, give them time how long you are going to stay in Australia and that you will book your return ticket on this date etc.

  41. Hi, just want to ask and advice too. I applied TV in Au and I got a response that I need to take biometric, im just thinking after biometric sa vfs meron ba sila binibigay na paper or any proof na nagtake ka nung biometric? kasi ngapply ako through online application, meron ba ako iuupload another document through online as a proof.

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