I’m Back

“A new day has come..”

Yes, I’m singing as I’m writing on this new post.

It’s been a while since I’ve written on this blog.

I don’t know what happened. A few things have been in my life that distracted me from allowing online creativity. I’ve been lazy I guess. For the last three years, a lot has changed. I almost lost a job, almost and yes, Oh! I had to admit I had to quit, when I think about it, I never thought I’d go through that in my professional career. I’ve always convinced myself to be tough in every situation, not shedding a single tear. Cebu changed me, i can say – to be better.

Lessons learned.

Charge to experience.

Just few of the phrases I kept repeating.

Found the courage and thought about a new beginning. I had to start all over again. Back to the polluted, fast-paced life of Manila. That was August 2013. Found a new role in a telecommunications company. Back to coaching in the world customer service .

I had the time to write a few notes here because of a requirement on the online university and that was it. Several attempts to consistently make this site my own, but I failed.

Fast forward to 2016, here I am, going through steady motions in life and I have heaps of things to share, and write and I want  these letters to be silent, no more.




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