Nothing in Between

Black or white.

Yes or No.

Right or Wrong.

 The world revolves around different idea, structure, community, religion and culture but human beings thrive in the community who have the ability to think, feel and act. They are people who have the gift to choose the way their life can be.

We are to choose what is best for us and the choices we make are from previous experiences, learning we acquired from other people and ideas we gather through time. These are like compartments embedded in our subconscious that we pick up when we need to feel, decide and act. In our community we see elders and our parents as our guide and examples who do what is right as they are viewed to have more experiences and wisdom than younger people. We respect their opinion and seek their advice. 

From home, I was brought up to be a good girl thus explains that I should only do good things. Respect, Integrity, Honesty, Hard work, loyalty, God-fearing and all of the values may parents like me to have as I grow up. These are still within me, I carry these values at work. It is also seen in every company’s values. These are guidelines to help us have a harmonious relationship with others.

These  also are beliefs  that we got from institutions like school.

We mostly spend our time outside home, particularly more of it in School from 5years old to 22 years old and others continuously pursue other field of education to hone their skills and intellect.  In school our teachers as second parents. They posses values that reflect the same view with our parents – they like us to be hard working, honest, loyal, courageous & respectful.

A teacher is a living example of a hero, students look up to. They represent the biggest chunk of people who can give and share knowledge, to enhance intellectual and moral and character of a student. 

The whole ethics and values are present in every corner, it is an influence of Confucianism. Our belief in good and bad is the same with the philosophy that anchors itself on human beings for our improvement not just skills and wisdom but primarily on behavior since this is something we can have control of and is innate in a person. The question just lies on what to chose?

Good or Bad?

Right or Wrong?


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