My Idea of Education

Education is the idea created by our mind to improve the way human beings think, act and live. It is the best representation of an image that is applied through studying and learning.  It should be anchored with strong philosophical foundation so it can be open for improvement, It should support  human needs improvement of intellect and character development and should go through innovation based on environment and current situation as well.  Schools are the structure that holds the education’s goal. It must be aligned with education’s purpose and should always be filled with materials, references, teachers that embody the same belief. It should be where the students get the optimum knowledge they need to be ready for today and for the future.

I aspire to become a teacher because I believe that I can be an instrument to carry on the evolution that education endures, that I can contribute to the system as a whole for improvement and embody the belief that knowledge and education can be shared and passed from one person to another.  I believe that I, as a teacher,it is my responsibility to strive for an educational system’s excellence..

My students are the same human beings as I am that go on through this life for individual improvement in terms of intellect, skill and character; thus, I will make sure treat them as the people who are needs knowledge and wisdom.

I want my students to reach their optimum potential, I want them to be able to realize their purpose, their follow own belief of existence.   With all these in mind, a learning environment suitable for me and my students is an environment that has a balance of student-centered and teacher-centered environment because i have always believed that one can not survive without the other. An environment with missing factor of any from the two will create a pillar that collapse easily as their are no inputs from the student or vice-versa. The balance would come from the implementation where there should be an open discussion for the teachers to accept that they can tweak a module if they deem necessary for a number of specific students to cope with their learning. This indicates an intensive research and study of Human capability, intellect, behavior, environment so educators can have a structure beneficial for learning. There should be a combination of Classic and Modern knowledge and references, activities, experiences together with Theories. An idea coming from students should be heard as this is helpful in innovation, they are the end-receiver of the educational system Educators put up so it is imperative to take it for improvement as they see fit. 

My educational perspectives most likely be influenced by 40% Idealism, 30% Realism, 10% Essentialism and 20% Progressivism.



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