Isn’t it Great?

The education of a person starts at home. My first brush of perennialist teaching was from my father. Dad had always taught me to analyze the techniques and tried methods of doing any kind of task, so I can do it in the most efficient way. Also as my Bible study teacher, he taught me the most effective way to embody a good trait is to understand the principle behind it. learning the teachings of the Bible gave me a profound way of seeing things. And I believe that it contributed in making me a better person than I was before I read the Bible and let God’s Word be my guide to life. An advantage I would like to cite is in development of my self esteem. knowing that I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God as per the Bible made me improve how I see and value myself and how I interact with others. We have a mini library that contains all books of classic like El Filibusterismo, Noli Me Tangere.

It did not end there, outside of our home, where I spent most of the years of my life, schools my shown majority of Perennialist tenets. Being influenced by Rationalism, its core lies on the the enduring truth and values. Human being are rational and therefore students are taught subjects that will make them think, subjects that relates to asking more question for us to learn. The Great Books are included in the Subjects – these are represented by General Knowledge as they have endured the time of being useful, initiating us learners to ask and crave for more.
We have Electives and General Knowledge makes us belong to society, from the word general, it creates an awareness and understanding of what, where or who we are.

As I move on in life, it has greatly impacted my thinking I know that I can start a conversation with a general idea. I can say I belong – since all people have gone through this journey of knowing a general idea, it creates a binding effect to people. It’s foundation of Realism strive a a context of what is the true value of learning to people, therefore it has enhanced our ability to think what is best for us in learning. Up until today my motivation for learning are questions. Why do I need to do this? Does this add value to me? Is this idea correct?
The only problem with being to tied up with the general idea or great ideas from the past is that I am too close to it that at times, entertaining radical thoughts put me off. Thinking that Great Books are relevant today, we still based some ideas on them. What happens to innovation and ever changing world? What about learning from the new books and new ideas?


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