Check and Balance

My Educational philosophy has always been bonded for improvement. I can see how I’ve written the words improvement numerous times in this blog regarding education. It is for a human being’s growth intellectually and to make sure he transcends this to his purpose in as a living creature in this world. Education’s goal is to make this happen, to have a strong foundation and philosophy for the betterment of human’s ability to think and act for himself and in the community he lives in.

Education must have schools that reflect this belief, an institution where students can acquire the wisdom need to prepare them for the future.A schools that has enough references of classic and modern books and knowledge and is conducive to learning with activities that  incorporates an environment of what they can see outside the classroom.

Curriculum should be a combination of what is basic and classic and modern. It should be based on human beings needs for survival for today and the future. There must be subjects of  ethics and values, 3Rs, developing in more complex subject matter and more application needed. It will be divided to a 30% General Education, 40% Core / Major Subjects with  30% of the activities where students can have Application.  Students should be exposed to various activities so they can lead them to where they can excel and share their expertise, they are to decide with the 30% activities related to, Sciences, Music, Arts, Economics, examples of which are painting, piano lessons, sports or simple activities that toddlers and pre-adolescent can go through leading to more complex lists like research, experiments, theater design, creative writing, introduction to film, photography etc. There must be a discussion involving current events and what is happening around to create awareness because they are a part of society.

Method of instructions must be open for change, though this must be predesignated and pre- designed based on intensive research and  studies, if an educator need to change or add methods as necessary for students’ learning, them so be it.

The teachers are educators who believes that their students are human beings needing for honing their intellect and therefore must help them, the best way they could by being creative in methods of teaching, doing research to add topics helpful in discussion, and instilling character and personal development . They must have the end goal of students grasping the knowledge and applying it as well.

Below show my first result on (

21 Essentialism
19 Perennialism – Lowest
22 Progressivism -Highest
20 Social Reconstructionism
21 Existentialism

Current Total

21 Essentialism
18 Perennialism – Lowest
24 Progressivism -Highest
21 Social Reconstructionism
18 Existentialism

Based on the current and previous results, they both show the same high and low, Progressivism and Perennialism. My belief in education was made stronger after taking EDUC 101 course. I fully gained knowledge of the importance of philosophy of education. This acts as your foundation as an educator, something you use as guide in your journey to make sure you deliver your aim and goal.

I also strongly believe in Idealism and Realism view of education, where knowledge is innate and therefore can be drawn from a student by asking questions, hence this can be improved based on the level of questions and method used. In realism where senses  are used and outside forces / experiences are used in learning and knowing the truth.


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