Moving Forward

Typhoon. Flood. Earthquake. Recent calamities that hit the Philippines.

But never will you see Filipinos be stuck in these situation. We have been known for our resiliency – acknowledging the fact that we are in a situation of natural forces of nature. We move forward.

Martial Law. Ninoy’s assassination. PDAF Scam. Just a few of political dilemmas we faced.

But never will you see Filipinos doing nothing. We reflect on it, call the entire population’s attention and cooperation and do what is right. We act on it & we move forward.

I am, in the real sense of the world influenced by Pragmatism and Progressivism. I have a process of thinking that initiates me to solve problems. It has defined me to be able to use my experiences to deliver what I know is right. I embody team work – working in a group as it stimulates my interest in learning. I prefer social interaction and real life practical scenarios to gain insight and knowledge., then and only then I can move forward.

Our educational system mirrors the same belief.

Pragmatism and Progressivism’s implications in education include the idea to revolutionize the present situation by using it for improvement and progress, that includes not only for individual but that for society, including political, economic and social movement. Giving above some conclusions, indicate a freedom of choice with the knowledge of reasonable cause or effect of a chosen action cultivated from environmental experiences & activities in life.

The implementation of K12 was due to the need of improving education and resolving identified problems like – student’s overall education (understanding, reading, writing, etc) and in helping alleviate economic situation by making student’s socially and globally competitive.

All actions, whether social, political, economic or educational, they are all anchored to progress…all, moving forward.


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