Freedom of Choice

Who I am? What should I do?

Questions I have been asking myself for a while now. My existence in this world triggers me to find out who I am. With this, all my actions and the things I do are  based on the person I want to become – a good daughter, a friend, a teacher…then one day I said – I am a student of life. I learn and gain knowledge on the choices that I make, on the things I believe that are true.

My choice to be in an Open University gave me the freedom to pursue my goal to finish a degree while working. It gives me freedom to decide on my own in terms of time to study, method of learning, etc. It is my choice to be a educator someday, this stemmed from y belief that If I can be  a part of this system, then I can be a part of revolutionizing it. This, is what I chose to be become, this is what I reckoned my purpose is.

My parents gave me the right to exercise my freedom of choice. They rarely come up with a decision for me. They give me facts and details and let me decide. They guide me, yes! but have never insisted on doing something they had planned. They make me learn from my mistakes.  I have the liberty to chose something but also have the responsibility of owning its consequences.

Existentialism in today’s education still let learners to discover themselves, to find out who they are and exists as self-realization and self-definition through subjects like History where learners reflect on the people’s reason of doing something. A person’s purpose is defined through his actions. Relating peoples’ act of heroism or artists’ choice of inclination in Music, Arts will also lead them to asking; What can I do? What about me, what is my purpose?


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