A Sense of Reality

Reality bites. Be real. Sounds familiar? How many of us have uttered these words?

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.”  as Soren Kierkegaard once said.
Lao Tzu also had his piece about it, “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”

How many important people said something about reality? How about you? Have you taken part of thinking what is real? Me, I know I’m real.

70% Realist, 30% Idealist – my views have always been divided at this percentage. When I’m stuck in a situation, I based my decision on  the state of things of how they are at the moment, how I see them and look past  through it to reflect on its effects afterwards. I developed my own reasons and beliefs which I embody in my character and personality, I have the ability to think rationally and use this to my advantage to live with purpose. These are stored at my subconscious and are used whenever needed. Being a realist – is being a student of life. I gradually and continuously gain knowledge and truth when I encounter one, when I experience it – it becomes vivid and true. It is like as doing experiments when we were younger – we are in our science laboratories, peeping through the tiny microscope, seeing the specimen, collecting ideas and facts.

As we experience, see, hear, feel and smell at different heights and perception, we are able to create our own reasoning and understanding of the world.

It also comes in different views – Realism and Theistic Realism where the first focuses on acquiring knowledge through matter, that it has form – using senses like seeing, hearing, feeling & smelling while the latter centers on going beyond the matter’s limit and rising beyond its absolute purpose inclined with God.

These two are present in the institution where I’ve been. My teacher would ask us to bring samples of plants we have at home then would classify them accordingly as shrubs, herbs, vines or trees. It is learning with what is real – with something we can see in the community. With Theistic Realism, human existence and evolution uses Bible and we have our summer Bible Studies where we learn the whole reasons of birds, trees and human existence in the eyes of God.


2 thoughts on “A Sense of Reality

  1. Hi Camestrada,

    Your blog is interesting. It is indeed an opportunity to learn more about things that we can see, hear, feel and smell. God created beautiful things for our good, seen or unseen. Realism and Idealism complements each other, which give meaning to life. The suffering of our Lord in the Bible is real, He was beaten black and blue as an atonement for our sins. And in Ecclesiastes, King Solomon declared that everything is meaningless. Very profound testimony. I can say I’m the reverse of your appropriation. Thanks for your insights and be blessed.

    Armi Tan 🙂

  2. Hi Caroline!

    It is interesting how you segmented your philosophy into a 70/30 split. I always thought that I am part realist and part idealist but I never did try to find out how much I was of each.

    It is true though that by virtue of our mere existence in this world, it is almost automatic that we develop a Realist point of view. I cannot imagine how somebody can “survive” on purely Idealist beliefs.

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