Idealism in Education

I think, therefore I am – Rene Descartes have always believed that thinking proves your existence as a human.

Descartes was not the only philosopher who developed an idea that led to Idealism. Numerous of which are Socrates, Plato, George Berkely, Immanuel Kant and a lot more. They have several Idealist philosophy that exist until today – From our daily lives, religion to education – we breath and live in some Idealists’ philosophy.

My parents were ideal to guide me through my learning. I remember my father who told me “You know what the answer is, just focus and keep trying. Do you believe that you can?” They have always known that I already have the knowledge and skills within me and I only need to believe and be guided accordingly.  Idealism is also present in my belief as a Catholic, that God is Good, the truth and the way.

Education was not spared to be influenced with it. My teachers and professors encouraged me to be a student of character and discipline & to challenge my ideas. We have discussions where we can reflect and exchange thoughts  to come up with what has true essence and value. We have debates – arguments, where we are to use our logical reasoning to prove a point and conclude with the ideas that proves to be true. Most of my teachers were Idealist who wants us to be  loyal, studious, diligent and hungry for knowledge.

Idealism is still one of the foundations every Philippine Education considers – intellectual and spiritual formation and development is included on every institution of learning until today. It is evident in our curriculum – History and Math as the core subjects because they are true and abstract. For  Catholic Schools, religion is included. And of course, who is not aware of Science High School which is very similar to Plato’s Homogeneous Ability Grouping, a program where students have advanced Mathematics and Science to those who meet the criteria.


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