Writing and Thinking: Plagiarism and My Educational Philosophy

Freedom of expression is one of our rights in different forms and various channels – books, media and technology.  It is but one way for us to deliver our message and gain information as well. In professional or academic setting, integrity and respect to one’s idea is imperative.

Integrity is making sure we claim what is only from our own thinking, analysis and idea. Though one’s knowledge and wisdom is never enough in one area at a particular time, it also free and infinite – it’s abundant. We can choose to rely on theories, philosophies, ideas, experiments, charts, etc to help us understand and learn more however, we must ensure that we respect these by citing or quoting them.

“If you use an author’s specific word or words, you must place those words within
quotation marks and you must credit the source.” 1

I am a believer of learning and knowledge – that it is one of the best gift humanity has, therefore I have a strong respect and integrity for others therefore, I say – No To Plagiarism, and that is just one of my philosophies as a student of life and in academe. There’s a lot of things I believed in, some may be incomprehensible to others, some may just be the same as that of Buddha and Confucius.

I had the time to know myself more in terms of my styles and skills that I need to develop to learn effectively. I more of a visual than an auditory learner. I have experienced and still prefers to see the person talking or discussing. It gives me a connection to the transmitter & me being the receiver. More over, I am global, field-independent, extroverted, synthesizing and more of the other based on the result of the survey. I’d rather hear a general idea then would gladly accept specifics supporting it.  Nevertheless, I’m certain that what’s important is to be able to adapt in an environment that will make me learn more. Raise inquiries if necessary and seek help from my professors if needed.

Within the course of time, I am able to identify the areas where I need to improve. Time management and concentration gives me the ability to grasp an idea. I have to be in a place conducive for learning for me to digest a topic, should have enough time to read in advance. Two of the skills I need to consistently execute and deliver.

Consistency is the name of the game. No one ever hit the top without perseverance and self-discipline.  I may know all these helpful tips, may have read them a hundred times, or even posted a note to remind me to do them, I would be fooling myself if I don’t have the reason of doing them so, for whatever my own purpose, is what fuels me to stick and live to succeed in the academe!

Moreover, some things are still unclear:

Why is education important? How should one be educated, what are the things to be considered?

Just a few questions I have that gave me an I idea of how I view education after answering: http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/dl/free/0073525901/419185/sad25901_ch08.pdf 2


21 Essentialism
19 Perennialism – Lowest
22 Progressivism -Highest
20 Social Reconstructionism
21 Existensialism

Above shows the result and I agree with balanced Teacher-Centered Philosophies and Student-Balanced-Philosophies. One can not survive without the other. Though I can say that they differ in count, my philosophies still shows that a higher percentage taps to Student-Balanced-Philosophies showing just one (1) point difference from the other. (Progressive, Social Reconstructionism & Existensialism)

It is evident that we need our teachers to guide us in learning however it is also important to take students’ ability, interest and use media, history and culture & social impact in their course through education. It’s not that I do not agree with the result that Perennialism is my lowest, I still believe that we must start with what is essential – understanding & comprehending by making a person literate using words and numbers. One must learn through massive application to attain expertise and knowledge.

Being a part of a third-world country I’ve seen enough socio-economic events that led to failure and success with one’s ability and knowledge. I belong to a family with just enough for daily living and my parents instilled to me how education is important in attaining success. I am involve in a community and a church that set examples of how things are viewed and done outside the four corners of our house. I am a part of a religion that taught me the ethics and morals of right and wrong.

However, in all those facets that influenced me about it, my own education experience has the greatest impact. I have felt how I should have been taught in a different style so I understood more, why there were not enough discussions and debate on History and Culture. Nevertheless, I appreciated how dedicated and passionate an educator, a teacher, a professor, or a trainer is, in imparting and guiding their students.


1. Acknowledging, Paraphrasing, and Quoting Sources


2. http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/dl/free/0073525901/419185/sad25901_ch08.pdf


One thought on “Writing and Thinking: Plagiarism and My Educational Philosophy

  1. Hi. I would just like to say that I agree with what you said about teachers and students needing each other. I also admire your determination in your studies. I do believe that one’s situation must never hinder anyone from fulfilling their dreams, more so finishing their studies.I also believe that religion, always teaching us what’s right and wrong, is also a major factor on how we do things (like our study habits) and how we handle situations.

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