Understanding Philosophy of Education

It’s inevitable to think that some things are still unanswered.

More questions arise as time goes by. Why, How, What, When? We challenge an idea and come up with the most logical reason to answer the question. Is philosophy the mother of curiosity?  Is it what the great people called when they are thirsty of knowledge and wisdom? It still puzzles me, though.

Philosophy – has never been a focal point of my quest however as I run through all the readings, I realized how it has been present all through out my life. Assessing my daily routines, I found out I have them all along – Confucianism’s Golden Rule: Ren – to love others. The philosophy of Confucius is concentrated on humanity with its ethical foundations. I have always been going back to ethics, practicing loyalty, integrity, etiquette and knowledge. At this point,  I thought this is just what my parents taught me to be a good person. This just proves, philosophy might not be very well evident but as I zoomed in and out of my life , I was surprised of how many philosophies are their . I might even have have Buddhist’s or Plato’s teachings in me, who knows?

As an educator – philosophy is also important. It gives as the pursuit to know more and to generate ideas to ask ourselves why do we do this? What do we do to be a successful teacher? How can we make sure we do what’s important as an educator, what’s our goal – our aim?  Some questions, that needs to be answered, put into theory, applied to practice – adjust , re-theorized, re-applied, discussed among educators to come up with the best possibilities.

Knowing its importance gives us the advantage of being on track, it gives us optimum support to analyze and criticize how are we doing as an educator.  When problem arises, we are able to get back on what is important. If one knows his educational philosophy, it’s not just coming in an institution daily, getting  student’s attendance nor giving exams to gauge knowledge. An educator with a solid understanding in educational philosophy can move and shake one’s belief in education and can relate social and economic dramas to education in it’s wider and larger context. It will be a continuous learning journey for everyone!


One thought on “Understanding Philosophy of Education

  1. Your statement that while Philosophy has never been a focal point of your quest but is nonetheless evident in your life just proves how fundamental Philosophy is to our lives, and how its scope are the most basic yet most important aspects of our life, our being and our world. So basic, that a lot of the times we put certain philosophies to practice without so much as a thought. They just seem to be there letting us function on auto-pilot. However, it is also important that we philosophize – that we actually continuously reconsider and revisit our beliefs.

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